The Fight

The fight is a story of a man’s struggle for survival. It foregrounds the effect of certain forces on man’s choices and decisions. The story depicts man’s effort to triumph in the battle of life. It is a moving story of determination and tenacity. It raises certain salient questions; is determination the only quality needed to win the battle of life?

The fight mirrors the depth of what is required to win the ultimate battle in life. It portrays man’s desire for fulfillment and success and the complications involved in achieving it. It is the story of a man stuck between two choices and his choice leads to only one destination-death.
The movie stars Lafup (Segun Ogundipe), Ralph Niyi, Martin Nwachukwu


Date : 21st & 22nd of April, 2019
Time : 21st of April, 2019
Red Carpet 3pm
1st show : 5pm
2nd show : 6:30pm

22nd of April, 2019

Venue : Wole Soyinka Theatre, University of Ibadan.