Launched in 2012, the Lagos edition of the international phenomenon, Comic Con has become West Africa’s #1 destination for comic book geeks, book readers, avid music listeners, movie lovers, art lovers and fans of every area of the creative industry to gather and meet experts of crafts they love.

It has also become the #1 platform used for people in the creative industry to connect with their audiences and sell their products.

Since its inception, has been to create platforms of businesses for practitioners in the Creative Industry  (comics, animation, gaming, film and virtual  reality), celebrate successes  of the industry, shape conversations in the industry, encourage broader participation  and support the building of knowledge and  capacity necessary to strengthen the  sector and ultimately create jobs.

The Lagos Comic Convention features the core creativity fields of comics, animation, films, books, and gaming, engaging professionals, creative businesses and fans in exhibitions, master classes, panel sessions, competitions, cosplays, creative pitches and more.

The 2020 edition will hold at NECA HOUSE, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos from the 17-19 September.

Theme is DEEEPENING COLLABORATIONS IN THE CREATIVE INDUSTRIES. We are focused on engendering partnerships and collaborations between various arms of the African creative space. We would love to see comic creators or book publishers entering into business deals with film makers and making a cinema blockbuster from comic books or novels. We look forward to seeing an indigenous game based on a comic book or novel or based on a movie developed. We hope to find a novel from one of our publishers made into a graphic novel by a comic studio. These partnerships and collaborations are what this year’s event is focused on inspiring and we understand that a lot can happen when we start talking with each other. This is why this year’s event is loaded with more panel sessions and networking activities than ever before.

While we seek to trigger this kind of collaborations from the top, we are also keen to see it blossom from the bottom. Because of this, we are launching the Sparkle Project this year. The Sparkle Project is a program that gives young aspiring creators the opportunity to have their stories and creations share the spotlight with the big names at the Lagos Comic Convention. For more details on the Sparkle Project, go here.

This year, we will also run a short film festival that reserves preference for Animations and VFX films from across Africa. This is the RENDACON Film Festival.

This year, the FIST Awards will have an elaborate and entertaining dinner event which will be the official closing dinner for the Lagos Comic Convention 2020.

These aside, the regulars of Cosplays, panel sessions with notable speakers, spotlights, screenings, etc will be featured as usual.