21 Fun Things For Sunday Outing With Family in Nigeria

In a typical Nigerian family setting, Sunday is usually dedicated to church (that’s for those who grew up in a Christian home) or for others it’s mosque. And after that families usually head back home to either rest, prepare for the new week or probably host a family friend or relative at home.


But there is so much more you can do on Sunday to help your family bond better and also put a little smile on their face, just before they get stressed by activities of the new week ahead. A family that has fun together stays together!


Thinking of something fun to do with your family this Sunday? See these 21 fun things you can do with your family on Sunday anywhere in Nigeria (feel free to improvise)


  1. Book a Private Guided Tour of the Lekki Conservation Centre
  2. Visit the Lekki Market. Feed your eyes and acquire new and nice things. (Of course be ready to spend some little naira). You can also teach your children a little bargaining skills as they watch you bargain.
  3. Set up a Picnic at regular parks in Nigeria. There are lots of parks in different parts of the country that are free for public use anytime of the week. Be sure to make your findings online to see which ones would have settings that can meet almost all the needs of your family (like swings and bounding castles for children to play, rest room, and possibly a place to get food or if they allow you to bring food and drinks).
  4. Visit nature parks. Experience the wonders and magic of nature. Let your children’s imagination run wild as they observe natural things within the human environment other than their tablets and TVs. Nothing wrong with a little fresh air and break from technology. Let them feel the earth too! (take hand sanitizers along).
  5. Go wild with fun at an amusement park. You will find a lot of outdoor activities to do on Sunday. Enter into the different fun rides that will make you forget that you are still on earth. But be sure to keep your eyes on the little ones and be sure about the age limit for the different rides as well as take all necessary safety precautions.
  6. Go for an ice cream shop hunt. Search for ice cream shops that are within your city, and go hunting for them. You could create a DIY map of these ice cream shops and have your kids trace them as you move and mark each location as ‘conquered’ as you stop by each shop.
  7. Throw a Bring Your Own Everything (B.Y.O.E.) Party. Gather your friends, children’s friends/their parents and have them bring food or drinks to share.
  8. Visit an organic neighborhood farm. Go grab fresh and organic farm products in a local farm near you or at a farmer’s market. Some of these markets open during weekends, ask around when such markets would pop up within your area. Stock up fresh farm produces and maybe cook something fresh and delicious.
  9. Take a trip down to Olumo rock if you are within Abeokuta city.
  10. Plan a day out at Klub de Lag which offers bowling, minigolf, ice skating, swimming pool, play station, wall climbing and so on.
  11. Go cool off at the Lekki Leisure Lake in Lagos, Nigeria. It offers exciting watercraft activities on a very cool lake with bike action for everyone in the family. Get wet on a jet ski, pedal boats or have a small get-together on the party barge.
  12. Visit the GET Arena with your family. The place boasts of an all-encompassing entertainment for family, corporate or social gatherings. It also has arcade games and state of the art go kart track.
  13. Experience the wonders and magic of nature at Lekki Urban Forest and Animal Sanctuary Initiative
  14. Love bumper rides, roller coasters and just about anything that would make you scream till fear has no hold over you? Visit Dreamworld Africana which boasts of bumper cars which are a major attraction for children and adults. There is a roller coaster ride ideal for the entire family and toddler play area. 
  15. Go to the beach! There are lots of interesting beaches to visit; Elegushi beach, Oniru beach, Lekki beach, Kuramo beach, Eleko beach, Takwa bay, La campaigne tropicana beach resort.
  16. Go watch a movie at a Cinema. Some popular cinemas include: Ozone Cinemas, Genesis Deluxe Cinema, Silverbird Cinemas Galleria, Filmhouse Imax and so on.
  17. Take your children to Mindscapes Museum where children get to role play as builders, run a restaurant, go shopping and many other activities to get creative. an indoor play space intended to provide children and their families with exciting new learning experiences
  18. Funtopia Leisure Resort is a complete entertainment park for the entire family with water slides, small swimming area, games room, snack bar and bouncy castle, well-maintained indoor-outdoor leisure park
  19. Go to the mall. Window shop or spend some naira on anything that interest you or your children.
  20. Visit historic sites. Learn something new about Nigeria and her people.
  21. Visit museums.