Things to keep in mind when creating an event/service



A submitted event is public once it has been approved. If rejected then adjustments need to be made and event/service needs to be resent. A mail is always sent to the registered email address whenever an event/service is approved/rejected.  To know what status your event has simply lookout for the colour chart (Yellow, Green or Red) beside the event created in your dashboard area   

Choose a cover photo that looks good 

Choose an image with no text or as little text as possible so it is easy to understand at a glance. If you don’t have an image, no need to worry. There are default pictures on the website that will be used. Or you can request that we design a cover image for your event (terms and conditions apply)  

Choose a clear and short name that represents your event/service  

Event names with long names tend to receive fewer responses. Choose a short name that best describes your event/service.  

No need to duplicate information about the location and time in the event description. There is a dedicated section on the form where you would input those details. This is to avoid repetition  

Create a compelling event description 

Your event/service description should be well-formulated and easy to understand. Tell people why they should attend your event/use your service, information about tickets, how to locate the venue and any other FAQs.  

Provide contact information such as email and/or a telephone number needed for people to reach out to you.   

Private event/Private pass worded events 

Private events are not visible on the website. If you have a private event, for instance, a birthday celebration, wedding invitation, baptism and so on and want to share it with a selected group of people. Simply send the URL of your event to those you want at your event. 

Private pass worded events are private and requires a password in order to access it. When creating the event, you will insert a password to the event. Once the event is approved provide the URL and password of the event to those you wish to access it.  

Promoted ads/Top ads 

Want to increase the visibility of your event/service? Want your event/service to be among first seen event on our website? By paying for a promoted ad/top ad, your event/service will receive more exposure to online users.  

Sell tickets/Buy ticket 

You can also sell/buy tickets through Do you have an upcoming show and you would like to know more about this service! You may contact us at 

Want to add fun to your event or use a multidimensional marketing or promotion platform for your brand during events? 

The AllEvent Selfie Mirror will not only add a unique touch to your event it will also make your event memorable. AllEvent Selfie Mirror introduces a new, interactive way for brands to increase brand awareness and brand loyalty. For more information about the AllEvent Selfie Mirror Photo Booth contact us at or call 08077395323