From the Producer and Director of the movie 'Double Dekoi', we are thrilled to share our upcoming project with you and humbly request your support for the purchase of tickets for family and friends for our stage play "Nana of The Niger Delta", a stage play written by: Aboyowa Ikomi, Produced and Directed by: Nnamdi E Odunze 

"Nana of The Niger Delta" is a gripping, educative and thought-provoking play about the rise and fall of Chief Nana Olomu who is accepted as the wealthiest And most powerful figure in the history of the Itsekiri people of the Niger Delta.

Nana as he is popularly known, reached the height of his commercial and political might at a time the British imperialists were aggressively expanding their commercial interest in the whole of the Niger Delta.

The stage was set for a clash of these two powers.

With its captivating storyline, powerful characters, and a narrative that resonates with a diverse audience, and array of veteran actors and Nollywood stars that will feature in it, we believe this production has the potential to leave a lasting impact on our audience, and, indeed, the teeming live theatre enthusiasts in Lagos.

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